Kickoff – 6.1.11

We departed Atlanta and had a layover in Miami – from there we flew to Paris. The flight was uneventful – just long with a bit of turbulence and not the smoothest landing. I couldn’t sleep per usual and our airplane didn’t have TV’s on the back of the seats which sucked because that left us with only two things to watch, The Tourist and Shrek. I couldn’t stomach watching The Tourist again, it was awful enough the first time, so I read ’A Million Little Pieces’ instead. It was pretty crazy book, I can definitely see why it was so popular.

We landed in CDG airport and the customs/entry was a breeze, our bags thankfully arrived with us, and we headed to our hotel where we promptly crashed for a few hours since neither of us had slept. Tomorrow we pick up our rental car and the adventuring really begins! Can’t wait to hit the road and start seeing this beautiful country!!

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