Random Observations 1. Lots of cows, a few horses, two sheep, one donkey. 2. Tons of warehouse stores selling flooring, furniture, cabinets, and lighting. 3. Bitsy likes to tell us to turn down what appears to be a driveway (gravel road, no sign) but it actually has some official sounding name like D128. 4. Chris thinks pate du canard looks like cat food. 5. Can anyone please tell us what this road sign means? It tends to be posted over speed limits, scattered along the highway, or with a slash thru it implying you don’t have to yellow diamond?? 6. The largest coffee cups they have are 6 oz! Where are all the venti-sized cups?? 7. Apparently gas and food have two separate checkout lines. But when you’re an American standing in the wrong line, they yell at you but take your money anyway to get rid of you. 8. Checked into our first hotel electronically, no people. You buy a room thru what looks like an ATM machine and you get a punch code to open the hotel room door. 9. Can’t buy food past 3pm in bars, cafe’s, and restaurants. THAT must be how the French stay skinny. However, fresh pastries, desserts, breads, chocolate, and ice cream are available all day. How are we still bigger than them?? 10. Lots and lots of roundabouts.

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