Quimper – 6.3.11

We woke up surprisingly late, around noon. Probably because we went to bed uber late following our two hour adventure trying to find a hotel and that our room was as dark as a bat cave. We scurried to leave as the maid was kicking us out and stole some wifi from the parking lot to book a few hotels for the next several days.

We headed to Quimper, another village recommended in our Lonely Planet Guide. It was really picturesque and is home to the beautiful Cathedral St-Corentin. It was built in either 1281 or 1429 or neither, sorry we can’t read French.

The village looks like a set from Disney World –  cobblestone streets, little cafes, quaint storefronts, and winding streets. There is also a very shallow river running thru the center and there were actually a few people fly fishing in it.

We were also able to find a store that sells data cards, so we now have wifi on our iPad and will be able to post more often! God bless technology. What we can’t find is a single store selling watches, what we can find is way to many optical shops, leading us to conclude that the French care little about what time it is and much about being able to see.

We are now in Nantes where we will crash for the night and tomorrow we explore the Loire valley.

Hugs, Chris and Val

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