Random Observations

1. It’s true a Big Mac is still a Big Mac but a Quarter Pounder w Cheese is a Royale w Cheese over here. 2. Graffiti in France takes talent, we need to send our gang-bangers to art school. 3. Apparently they don’t get hangovers in France as “The Hangover 2” is retitled “Very Bad Trip 2”. 4. It is harder to follow Bitsy at night; I learned this as I found myself on the train tracks instead the street. 5. The patisseries don’t serve coffee and the cafes rarely have much more than stale croissants, so you have to go to both to complete a breakfast. 6. All the seedier things in life (strip clubs, alcoholic coffee, etc) are written in English amongst a see of French? 7. When ordering a meal one should break out there iPad to convert kg to oz before committing to 1.2kg of cote de bouef.

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