Random Observations

1.  It is better to be a dog in San Sebastian than in New York – no leash laws – they roam the town as masters of their universe.

2.  In hockey they teach you to skate with your eyes up, to avoid hard things crashing into you.  In Europe they must teach you to walk with your head down, to avoid soft things collecting on your shoes.

3.  Either the ladies-first rule when exiting an elevator does not apply on this side of the Atlantic or the 5 people in the elevator with me (chris) really wanted to see me leave as my chivalry only met with blank stares like I didn’t know where the exit was.

4.  You can’t transfer rented movies from your iPad to your computer, who knew?

5.  House (Chris’ favorite show) is dubbed everywhere we go…so frustrating.

6.  Google Analytics reports we had a visitor to the site from Alaska – who art thou?

7.  Wholefoods ain’t got shit on the supermarkets in San Sebastian

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