Random Observations

1. Portugese people speak much better English than their Spanish and French counterparts.

2. No to-go cups in Portugal, they don’t take their coffee on the road.

3. KFC dropped the mashed potatos but kept the gravy – huh?

4. There was a $450 hair clipper set- must be for shaving your prized sheep.

5. First we polished up our French, then our Spanish, now don’t which to lead with as Portuguese is blend of both.

6. Whoever sells terra-cotta roof tiles here, we need to buy stock, it’s all they use.

7. Service stations on the highway are much cleaner, to the point that you dont fear food poisoning by eating there.

8. Never seen so many tiny grandmas as we did in San Sebastian, must be something in the water.

9. ‘The Wire’ (HBO Series) started slow, but is addictive. Can’t wait to spend hours downloading season 2.

10. They love ice cream in Europe but their King Cones don’t taste right!

11. The Sheraton Lisboa is a welcomed step up from our normal 2 start hotel – simply beautiful.

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