Random Observations

1. McDonald’s Rocks! Cranking out consistent tasty food worldwide is appreciated but the free Wi-Fi connection is invaluable. We have the feeling we wont ever touch McD’s again after this trip though.

2. Cho, thanks to Jeff Chau, is officially blessed as a global restaurant recommend-er – Cal Pep (Barcelona, Spain) now tops the list for best food on the trip.

3. Sausage in Europe is dry. Odd really as they love fat on cuts of ham or steak, maybe so much so they can’t afford to stuff it into the sausage?

4. Hotels.com needs to add a rating for signal strength on the Wi-Fi at each hotel.  We would never book a room that didnt have 7 out of 10 stars. This raises hotels.com revenue base and keeps Chris from cursing out hotel operators. If Skype and iTunes don’t work it is not really an internet connection. Hell in some of these spots the old AOL dial-up from the o.g. days was faster.

5. Could do an entire post on how the Spanish seemingly have missed Econ 101 in university but the most egregious example is not having a Craps table in a casino. A plethora of lost profit. Note: Poker rake is 5% up to 20 euros.

6. This is either: a) an extreme case of false advertising, worse then a Taco Bell commercial or b) one hell of a party we are sad to miss.

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