Random Observations

1. Battleheart is a must download for iPad if you’ve ever played Zelda or FF – best part, it is free.

2. When people give accolades to the food in France they must really be speaking to the food in Paris. It is much much better than the rest of France.

3. We should have made reservations for restaurants in Paris before we left (a month ago) as the spots we want are booked for weeks or months. Now we have to circle like vultures to score a cancellation.

4. Pizza, Kebab, Subs – Pizza, Kebab, Subs – Pizza, Kebab, Subs – notice a pattern. That is the food offering vendor by vendor on Rue Saint Denis in Paris. Much like Canal street in NY, someone needs to learn about market differentiation.

5. Best Western is a whole other animal over here – highly recommend Aida Opera location in Paris.

6. If you are like us and buy the premium toilet paper, you have likely questioned your decision – one month on the road I can affirm it is well worth the splurge.

7. Just had the most expensive beer I (Chris) have ever purchased….$20 a pint.  I am hoping it grants me some magic powers – feel the same thus far.

8. He-He, we are going to start taking pictures of all the funny restroom signs.

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