Random Observations

1. We have all heard of ‘ladies of the night’ but in Paris they have ladies of the day too. Sadly, we are not talking Elliot Spitzer quality here – think interstate trucker stop action.

2. Followed up my magical beer with some enchanted croissants, bananas and coffee. Lesson learned: qualify how much something costs before ordering or consuming.

3. Carnival games in Paris use real b-b guns!

4. The Visit Paris train pass seems like a great buy when you are at the airport staring down a 10 euro ticket to the city but Paris is so compact you don’t really need it.

5. We thought NY had it bad with its’ train performers. Not even close. Two stops worth of the “talent” in Paris and we missed the soothing sounds of the 4 Part Acapella Dudes and Mariachi Guys.

6. Spent an entire afternoon walking the Musee de L’Armee (Paris) and I still don’t know if Napoleon ice cream is named after Napoloen I or Napoleon III?

7. You know you are ‘white collar’ working peoples when 7 hours of museums cripples your body.

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