Random Observations

1. If you thought Janet Jackson brought the nip slip to prime time you are wrong as great artists such as Rembrandt and Manet capture them so famously in paint that they hang inside the Louvre.

2. While the Louvre is already one impressive money making machine by servicing well over 100,000 people a day at $10+ per onlooker, Chris would like to drop the following suggestions into their management’s inbox: a.) hire more venders to work the cafes – we saw at least 5 people walk out of line and with an average bill per party of well north of $15 (for snacks)  you are losing more in profit then the cost, b.) stock up on audioguides – running out of something that has a useful life measured in months, if not years can’t be the right move, c.) queue multiple lines – I know your product is hot shit but at least one or two families a day have to balk at a line that is so long you can’t see the end from the beginning – I think logistics people call it “the snake” and everyone else does it for a reason.

3. There is water being pumped out of the grates into the streets everywhere in Paris? This mystery reminds us of the steam-pipes in NY – gotta be a logical reason for it but it escapes us.

4. Parisian’s love Great Danes, never seen so many huge pups.

5. Chris’ new favorite car is the 1938 Bugatti ‘Atlantic Coupe’ – just need to steal it from Ralph Lauren. (picture does not do it justice)

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