Paris – 7.7

Our last day in Paris and we saved the best for last – the Eiffel Tower.

Before heading there we went to see the Catacombs. After an hour long wait, we descended down 130 steps and walked through the underground tunnels to view the ossuary which holds the remains of approximately 6 million people! It was definitely creepy and with a few tweaks it could make one helluva haunted house!

After shaking off the eeby-jeebies, we made our way to the Eiffel Tower. We’d seen it in the distance several times over the previous days, but it’s so much cooler to see it up close. We decided not to go up into the tower since we’d already seen a panorama of Paris from the top of the Arc de Triomphe and the line was quiet long. Mostly though, we were more interested in seeing the actual tower and taking a bunch of photos with it in the background:

For our last dinner in Paris, we tried to go to a restaurant that was recommended to us by a friend of a friend. It was supposed to have an amazing chicken that was roasted in goose fat. After trekking a considerable distance and finding this place, we took a look at the menu and promptly lost our appetite – the chicken was 79 euros!! Not being able to imagine that chicken could ever taste good enough to warrant that much money, we ended up eating in a local brasserie and for dessert we got a crepe – delicious!

All in all, Paris was fabulous. It was everything everyone always says it is and more. It has a similar vibe to Manhattan which was a pleasant reminder of home. We’d definitely love to come back some time to explore and enjoy it at a more leisurely pace.

p.s. these are the looks Val sees when she’s taken one photo too many 😉

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