Random Observations

1. We are beginning to think “Italian” ice, subs and dressing aren’t really as Italian as they claim.

2. Bruschetta is served just like pizza, one solid piece, are you supposed to eat through them both like a termite?

3. Why are football stories such tear jerkers – Rudy, We are Marshall, Friday Night Lights – sob, sob, sob.

4. Two ways to approximate the volume of a railway car: (1) guess the length, width and height and apply formula L x W x H (2) google the molecular expansion rate of concentrated body odor in secs and then guess how long it took for the stench to hit you from entry of man in red shirt on train 24744 from Venice to Florence. Best guess 2-3 secs from distance of 25ft.

5. Tip for Europeans – Olive oil is one of many ingredients in salad dressing, it is not salad dressing on it’s own. Watch Bobby Flay and spice it up a little.

6. Six days in Italy and you find yourself saying ridiculous statements like “wish we had time to get McDonalds” just so you could have something quick that wasn’t named pizza or pasta.

7. Cinque Terre, Italy may be top destination yet by offering breath-taking mountain views, nestled beach coves and quaint little towns – can’t wait to explore further.

8. No wonder Murdoch wanted to buy Sky tv as it has like 400+ channels of quality programs; this rocks!

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