Random Observations

1. Bread in Italy is a true dichotomy, on the one hand they have focaccia which is delicious and on the other this extremely sad table bread which cant even be saved with gratuitous amounts of the best sauces.

2. They take the bad taste out of your mouth. Note: these were created by a liberal activist group not a conservative.

Disappointmints -- Too Funny

3. S&P downgrade – well played boys, you were silent on Enron, silent on sub-prime and now you chose to downgrade the single most secure investment in the world.

4. Contact lenses are so easy to buy in Europe. No compulsory eye-exam needed and they are half the cost.

5. Anyone watch Bill Clinton on his CGI program this weekend and wish he could step in to help Obama in this time of need?

6. Who would have thought Val could make it through Florence and only have bought three leather jackets? Even more astonishing none were for herself. Be honest, who would have a bet on zero?

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