Random Observations

1. Items to have immediately upon return to the States which appear to be uniquely American: Buffalo Sauce – they have tobasco but it ain’t the same, Root Beer – No clue why it doesn’t appeal to the foreign tastes, Kraft Mac n Cheese – Powdered cheese would offend most of Europes cultures but they don’t know what they are missing.

2. Just went to the Red Beach in Santorini, feels like a unique place, makes us wonder how many other red beaches are out there?

3. Seven days into Greece and we have not seen a single napkin thrown and only one “opa” uttered.

4. Grapes grown on the ground vs propped up on a stake and with what appears to be little water; how dos thee produesith wines?

5. Ouzo is the Jäger of Greece.

6. The ultimate irony in the culinary world is that Italian is so good that almost all cultures enjoy it’s simple pleasures but after a couple days in Italy you would kill for the diversity of other cuisines and they are not available.

7. The Greeks know how to grill meat!!! No other cuisine thus far comes close, except maybe American BBQ?

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