What are the top 5 fabulous find you wish you could ship home but they are too big?

1. Audi A7 – not exactly what you were thinking of, but it would be uber cool to ship back before the US release date.

2. Turkish Silk Carpets – we would line every room with them if could afford it and would go back to cave-man days of sleeping on them as well.

3. Turkish Ceramics – They claim to be shipable, but at $2,000 a set economics just don’t add up.

4. Outerwear – we have seen some cool winter jackets, but with the euro exchange and shipping they just don’t make sense.

5. Local Foods such as olive oil, wine, spices, teas, pasta, etc – not because they are too expensive by weight, but because we would have to bribe a lot of customs officials. Many of these items you can’t ship, you can only bring them back in your luggage.

We haven’t seen too many furniture pieces unfortunately. We thought we would have by now and if we had, they would certainly be on this list!

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