You mentioned you only packed 47kg for two people?!what’s in your suitcase, do share!

We can’t tell if this inquiry implies that 47kg (103lbs) is a lot or a little for 10 months on the road but either way here is our inventory at present.

Two hiking style backpacks, one rolly bag and two daypacks

Lots of technology – refer to prior post –

Lonely Planet guidebook (800pgs), map of Europe, barber-style hair clippers, small umbrella, three journal books (thin), first aid kit, extra batteries, zoom lense, small REi towel and duct tape (Chris watched a lot of MacGyver).

Gifts – stuff awaiting shipping back home.

Chris’ clothing – a medium weight jacket (waterproof), a sweat-shirt, eight t-shirts, four button up shirts, two pair shorts, one convertible short-pants, one pair jeans, a belt, one swim trunks, underoos for 10 days, flip-flops and hiking sneakers.

Val’s clothing – a medium weight jacket (waterproof), one wrap, four long sleeve shirts, two long sleeve blouses, six t-shirts, three tank tops, two pair jeans, two black pants, three pair shorts, seven dresses, two belts, four bathing suits, underoos for 30 days, a wedge shoe, two flats, flip-flops and hiking boots.

Toiletries – basic stuff with some extra shampoo and face wash

Chris’ conclusion after reading – Val has too much crap!

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