Random Observations

1. After seeing first hand an underground city carved into a mountain it is no longer a wonder how It took so long to have Osama’s head.

2. Turkish ice cream comes in an assortment of flavors but they all taste like chewy glue.

3. Sleeping at the airport as penance for missing another flight is not fun.

4. We are on the open sea on a boat named that Black Pearl with a captain who smuggles cars in the off season – feels pirate like.

5. It is illegal to fly the black scull and cross-bones pirate flag – who knew.

6. We have discovered we are indeed small boat people. Add a boat to the list just after silk rugs but before ceramics.

7. The combination of a citrus soda (lemonade or Fanta) and beer is a refreshing summer beverage. Best part is that it is still refreshing even when it loses it’s initial chill.

8. Almost falling into the ocean with an iPad, laptop and D-SLR camera is frightening.

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