Random Observations

1. Croatia is some of the most crystal clear coastline in all of Europe. Apparently, the tides take all the pollutants and dump them on the Italian side of the Adriatic.

2. Stayed in the greatest little apartment in Split – American TV on at least 10 channels and most important of all, ESPN with full NFL coverage!

3. Just experienced some freak wind coming off the Adriatic. It knocked over all the umbrellas at our quaint little cafe and took out 100% of the stem-ware and 50% of the coffee cups. Opa!

4. Weigh your fruit before you get into the checkout lines in Europe…it appears only US grocery stores have weight sensors built into the scanners. Yes, this constantly makes us the dumb Americans holding up the line.

5. Curious to know what exactly the object in the picture below is as we can only think – “is that a bologna container stuck to the ceiling?”

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