Random Observations

1. Where is the effort: items seen within 10 ft of each other – pot-holes, earth-moving equipment, dirt & rocks.

2. Fifteen countries and counting and still one universal word……Pizza. Never translated or modified and always available.

3. Watching the 2011 Rugby World Cup, who knew it was such an interesting sport. Oh yeah, everyone except for us Americans.

4. Positive correlation:  Cities once under Roman influence to cities with developed irrigation systems for their roads.

5. What do Laos monks and US prison inmates have in common? Bright orange outfits.

6. Crocs should make expandable shoes; buy one base and keep added in stretchers so kids in third world countries don’t have to go barefoot anymore.

7. Worlds most prolific communication devise – a calculator. No, I am not talking about expressing HELLO or BOOBIES by flipping it upside down. I am referring to its use as a price translator. Ask a shop keeper the price of a item and he types it in and shows you – eliminates all confusion.

8. Quote from Mark Steyn, ‘After America: Get Ready for Armegeddon’:

“Americans face a choice: we [sic] can rediscover the animating principles of the American idea – of limited government, self-reliant citizenry, and the opportunities to exploit your talents to the fullest – or you can join most of the rest of the western world in terminal decline.”

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