Random Observations

1. Cambodian vendors are the most aggressive and annoying in the world. It can not be an accretive business practice to blanket hound everyone who looks like a tourist and passes your location.

2. The flooding in Cambodia is unreal – we are talking knee deep water just off the main intersection in town.

3. The interviews of Occupy Wall Street protesters look like those skits Letterman used to do when he asked people on the streets of New York who the current president was and they didn’t know the answer. It is sad that no one in the sea of people can form a informed, intelligent and cohesive point.

4. Eating entire meals of quality food for $7 – $10 bucks (with tip) feels like stealing.

5. Amazing how many artist there are in Siem Reap – sadly they all have been taught to produce the same cookie cutter images.

6. The Johnie Walker logo, black & yellow image of man walking with stick, is used everywhere around town, but no one appears to drink the stuff.

7. The Angkor Temples are real cool, but surely not a three day affair.

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