Our Brief Return to Good Ole USA

In Atlanta, we were OhSoReady…..

…To see our families again. While the blog and Skype have kept everyone seemingly closer then everyday life spent cities apart, it is comforting to experience family in a non digital form 🙂

… For a gathering of friends and family at one of our favorite restaurants in town, Tuk Tuk. This place specializes in treating us well and serving us Thai street food that we are not comfortable enough to eat while actually on the streets of Thailand.

… For the Waffle House and the original steak, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich.

… To see the home improvements at the house in Roswell and the stylish furnishings of the Peachtree Condo.

… For Chris to experience his first NFL RedZone Sunday – Football is awesome when watching it as a series of updates on a computer screen, it is unparallelled when someone chews it up and spits it at you rapid fire via a flat screen TV.

In New York, we were OhSoReady…..

…  For a little payback, making ourselves at home at Vicki’s place. Since she has a two bedroom, we even invited a friend to crash on the couch, so it felt more authentic. Brent took some collateral damage, but we assume he will live. Shocking how close to home we felt in their stylish pad.

… To eat, drink, and be merry with all of our friends – damn, we missed you all!!!

… To walk on over to the Rock N Roll deli, located in the basement of our old apartment. The guys inside even remembered how to make my namesake breakfast sandwich modeled after the Waffle House treat above.

… To complete a mini NY culinary tour by parlaying our Rock N Roll breakfast into a stroll of Union Square farmers market for fresh ciders and cheese, then south into Soho to Miro Cafe for a flat bread sandwich experience, a little further down we topped it off with dessert when we snarfed down a box of mini cupcakes from Baked by Melissa, not to stop there… we proceeded to the east side for a couple of lobster rolls from Luke’s and last but not least, a feast with friends at Pipa (amazing tapas). Good food rocks!

… To finally witness Occupy Wall Street. It did not let us down. Everywhere you looked was another degenerate adult or ignorant youth. They had funny signs like “Think Tank in Progress” – oh on how many levels that is just hilarious. Even free ice cream – wtf? We had seen a lot of ‘occupy the city square’ tent communities, but of course NYC does it bigger and better then all the rest.

… To take the always available and deceptively cheap, Academy bus down to AC for a Caesars sponsored Craps session. Since we’ve found Craps is a uniquely American game, this was a much needed stop over. Best part was we won and Chris’ friend Brian really enjoys gambling a whole lot more when we win.

In Boston, Chris was OhSoReady…..

… To trick-or-treat with the cutest of nieces. After a quick assessment of their bounty, they even shared a couple pieces. What a great holiday for kids and dentists alike.

… To hear about Chris’ eldest bro’s new gig and get the latest news on Bostonian life.

… For a quick visit to the cube farm (aka office) to see all the worker bees make the money and more importantly see all the friends that make work tolerable/enjoyable.

In Los Angeles, we were OhSoReady…..

… To catch up with great friends. Claire graciously hosted us, as well as Dani and Brozy making their own trip over for some west coast action. Claire also put on a truly fabulous Friendsgiving, which keeps the tradition alive now for a whopping two years, but  more importantly, still counting.

… To see our celebrity friends – Lena and Rib, who strolled the LACMA with us, showed us the only place it snows in LA, and then took us out to the bar for drinks in West Hollywood.

… To cruise the Pacific Coast Highway and witness the droves of healthy people out each and every morning at the crack of dawn to do something fitnessy.

… To further contemplate switching coasts and calling Santa Monica our new home?

Just that quick it was time to depart the enchanted land of America. To knowingly reduce our cable selection from hundreds of channels to tens (when lucky). To go return to nomadic behavior, with every meal being a gamble on a new spot. To leave behind the most sacred of sports – football. Last but not least, to leave behind friends and family… that is, until some of them manage to catch up with us abroad!!

Next stop….. To Explore New Zealand and Australian and set foot on our fifth continent.

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