Random Observations

  1. Argentina is shockingly similar to New York; unfortunately it is not the quaint neighborhoods, but rather a sprawling version of midtown.
  2. The Argentinian people have committed a unforgivable sin – they have taken upon themselves to modify the Big Mac. Up until now the sanctity of the burger had been upheld, but as I type this I stare at a three patt-ied, over sauced, under lettuced monstrosity. At least they gave the imposter a new name the “Triple Mac”.
  3. What did Blackberry invest all there profits in over the last decade? There browser sucks, there app store is not user friendly and all the features I love where in my OG version.
  4. The construction crew currently ripping up the streets below our hotel has a wheel barrel full of coal burning? A barbie for lunch or is there some industrial use?
  5. You really have to watch your step in Buenos Aires as the streets are completely hazardous, filled with holes, cracks, and lose objects. Even  Val has switched to flats and she has climbed mountains in her heels before.
  6. Our travels in the last year have taken us to 5 out of 7 Continents – Is there a destination city with SPG property on the Antartic?
  7. If the pigeons in your home town make you uncomfortable then stay away from Buenos Aires as the pigeons here look like crazed, rabid and angry versions of our pigeons with twice the ugly.
  8. Why does the median height of a population have no correlation to the median height of the toilets used within that population?
  9. Rojo Tango was a spectacular Argentine Tango show – dare we say the best performace we have experienced on the trip.

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