Random Observations

  • The lack of the game Craps in casinos all around the world says something about us back in the States – I just don’t know what. Do you think it is; (a) we have a Freudian fascination with dice because they remind us of our private parts (Craps is an almost exclusive male game btw), (b) our government doesn’t care enough for us to protect us from bad decisions (craps is both the best of odds in a casino and the worst depending on where you put down your bet), © the game is too complex to translate into other languages (assumes an American made up the game) or (d) none of the above it just isn’t fun for anyone other than us.
  • What appears to be the Argentine national cookie is two rice cakes covered in chocolate and stuffed with a sugary filling of sorts, honestly it feels like a dessert off the Weight Watchers program, no clue why EVERYONE seems to like them.
  • Currency exchange is one of the biggest inequities of traveling. The difference between a good exchange and a bad can be upwards of 40% of the value. So be aware and bring a calculator if needed, but dont just assume the banks are being fair.
  • It is not just the Spanish who refuse to acknowledge English as the universal language, they taught the same indifference to their South American friends.
  • Taxis are cheap in Buenos Aires and Montevideo.
  • There is nothing more sad than a brown ocean. The sea should invoke more than just an urge for a Yoohoo.
  • Montevideo has the best local art market we have seen on the trip.

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