Random Observations

1.  It is cheaper to buy a mobile phone + sim card than to just buy a sim card; do they really think I am planning to add that many accessories to my $10 phone?  How else does this business model make any sense?

2.  Spanish people have lots of piercings.  Chris fits right in.

3.  EVERYTHING closes down in the middle of the day so you can only eat and sleep during the time you have off work?  That means no shopping or running errands?

4.  San Sebastian is great!

5.  The Spanish really believe in the honor system – it is impressive to see in action.

6.  It appears if you have something to protest about, you can just pitch a tent in the center of town to avoid paying for a hotel.

7.  Anyone 6’3″ or taller would never make it out of this city without a bump on their forehead.

8.  European cars must come with excellent shocks and struts as no one even thinks twice before pulling up onto a curb to park or going over it to take a turn.

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