Random Observations

1. America + Public Place + Lack of Deodorant = Shame; Europe + Public Place + Lack of Deodorant = Being a Local.

2. We have to assume the Italians had invented both pizza and the wheel long before America was discovered yet the lack of a sliced pie implies they have never thought to combine them into a pizza-wheel??

3. We are in the birthplace of pizza and they use canned mushrooms – wtf? Papa John has higher standards.

4. Casinos in Europe are like high priced escorts, they feel righteous by having standards like no shorts allowed or no Craps played but when you come down to it they are money whores all the same.

5. Venice is a must see city – take it from two people who have been to 25+ cities in the last two months. It just brings a smile to your face and you know your are in a unique place from the first moment.

6. Quote from Chris while on train from Milan to Venice “what fucking idiot would block the door with there bags” – response from said fucking idiot standing right next to Chris “the door wasn’t in use at the time.” Said as if she doesn’t realize (a) her convenience is less important than that of everyone else on the train collectively and (b) more importantly, her convenience is worth less than the value of redeeming a newspaper coupon for cash to us personally. To boot, she appears to dumb or selfish to realize it is a safety hazard.

7. Is it bad my (Chris) next thought was “I hope she gets caught in the tracks and run over as oxygen is worth more than her” – Yes, that is bad. Erase and think happy thoughts.

8. Gondola rides through the canals are the Venice equivalent of horse and buggy rides through Central Park. Antiquated form of travel, with lackluster comfort, for which you have the privilege of paying a ridiculous fee thanks to a union system that keeps anyone from applying economic theory.

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