Random Observations

1. 87 Pudgy Pale White Ladies, 53 Odd Guy w/ Beard, 39 Jesus, 12 King Phillipe, 7 Horses & 1 Short Man who makes you giggle is one way to describe the Prado Museum.

2. Spanish guitar rifts are soothing.

3. The protest we witnessed in Madrid brought with it’s signs and chants some beautiful drum rhythms. So much better than iambic pentameter shouting.

4. Coca-Cola Light (Diet Coke) is a cold and refreshing slice of home when in a foreign place. No wonder Tom H. drinks ‘em all day.

5. Water pressure is so much better on this side of the pond. So much so, we have no clue why they have two options when flushing a toilet.

6. Sierra Nevada mountains in Spain?

7. Museums should be set up like IKEA’s so you don’t keep having to guess what rooms you have already been in.

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