Paris – 7.6

Third time is the charm – Wednesday we finally made it inside the Louvre!! (applause and cheers, please – they’re definitely in order!)

Worth noting that the museum pass really earned its merits as the Louvre is open late on Wednesday making it its’ busiest day of the week.  The general admission line was an hour deep.

There are a bunch of factoids about how long it would take to see all 35,000 objects of art inside the Louvre. Vicki quoted us something like 9 years if we looked at each object for 10 seconds. Seeing as the walls are covered with multiple pieces and that we’re more of the ‘walk-through, look around, absorb’ museum goers, we were able to cut down on that estimate considerably. Sure we didn’t stop at each painting to see every brush stroke, but we got a sense of most of the works and were able to walk all 4 floors and probably made it through 80% of the exhibits in about 5 hours including taking a break to eat some lunch. We realize this may sound impossible to some of you considering that everyone swears up and down that it would take at least 3 days, but we’re living proof!

Here are some highlights of the Egyptian collection:

Napoleon’s apartment didn’t disappoint – the man knew how to live it up!

There was of course a giant pile up in front of the Mona Lisa but we dutifully pushed to the front to take a photo for all of you 🙂

For the most part, we found the Louvre itself more fascinating than the objects in it. The older parts have beautifully decorated walls, amazing wood carvings, and the most ornate painted ceilings. It also has a great history which you can learn about in one of the exhibit rooms. We both agree that we liked the style of paintings featured in the D’Orsay museum more, but there were of course plenty of stunning masterpieces in the Louvre – here are a few of the ones that caught our eye:

Lastly, there were galleries full of amazing sculptures:

Hope you enjoyed our version of a quickie tour through the Louvre!

As a reward for a job well done, we treated ourselves to burlesque cabaret show at the Crazy Horse. There are several well known cabaret shows in Paris and they’re all quite expensive – the Crazy Horse was $120 euros per person for the show and a bottle of champagne! The Moulin Rouge and the Lido are bigger productions and didn’t get the best reviews online, so we decided upon the Crazy Horse since it was a more intimate venue and was supposed to have a more risque show.

The girls were certainly gorgeous and had amazing bodies. The dancing was so-so and we’ve definitely seen better pole work at the Pink Pony and know some fabulous dancers that could help them with their choreography. If it’s any indication, the biggest hit of the night were an older set of male twins that performed a witty tap routine.

It was quite a fabulous day! We’re lucky bastards 😉

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