Random Observations

1. One wonders what makes a vending machine on a subway platform make sense in Europe but not in the States?

2. What do salmon, avocado, pine nuts and creme fraiche have to do with a pancake? Nothing in the States but the Danish say otherwise.

3. Amsterdam holds the title for hot-females per capita.

4. Leroy is a much more prestigious name outside of the US.

5. It appears adding “New York” as an adjective to describe your pizza has little to do with actually trying to emulate anything found in New York.

6. Angry Birds is uber fun and quite addictive – thanks Lu.

7. Flies in Czech Republic don’t land to rest so you can’t swat them, aarg!

8. Prague claims to have the best beer in the world and backs it up with every restaurant having a beer garden. It is tops on Chris’ list thus far but there are many beers yet to be had on this trip.

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